Being “Better in Yourself”

Hello again and welcome. From here on, our site will be discussing some of the myriad health topics that crop up in the course of our daily practice. Besides talking about Chiropractic, we explore many other areas of natural health and wellbeing such as how to eat, think and move healthily so you perform at your best. I will include some of the latest thinking and news releases relating to our health. Some of this informatoion will be cutting edge and controversial (ooooh!). I think this is a good thing as it challenges our preconceptions and helps to stimulate beneficial changes – without which we would still be hunter/gatherers living in caves and moaning about this new-fangled “wheel” thing!

Back to my topic for today.

One of the most common things I hear from my patients early on in their care (and I know my colleagues hear this too) is this exact phrase:- “I feel better in myself”. Sometimes, people preface that with “I’m still in pain but…” or sometimes “Not only has the pain gone but…”. It’s the ‘in myself’ that intrigues me. Why that exactly? I have a theory.
It seems to coincide with when the person’s nervous system starts to become free of interference. So, it could be that this is the best phrase we can come up with when we do literally feel better in our “selves”. We start to feel more of what’s going on in our bodies, even if that means we’re more aware of the bits that aren’t working that well! It still feels better somehow. We don’t (and indeed can’t ) know for certain – it is just a theory (I think it’s a sound one though!)

So, who do you know who’s not “feeling good in themselves”? Who needs to get their spine checked? An older relative who’s putting up with twinges that could be helped, a stressed-out teenager or a child struggling with a poor immune system who’s constantly suffering from colds and bugs?

Get your body reconnected and you will actually feel better. So, you see, you don’t have to be in pain… just not properly connected.

Yours connectedly

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