Do I Get Chiropractic?

Every week one of my patients (usually a recent new patient) will express surprise at the fact that I have chiropractic care. Now… I blame myself. If I don’t TELL them then how would they be expected to know? However, there’s a big ‘BUT…’ that follows on from that.

You see, I tell everyone about how chiropractic helps their health overall. There’s evidence which reports that it can boost your immune system, that it keeps your nervous system free of interference (which has to be a good thing) and helps to keep you functioning physically at your best (to name but a few). I explain all this to our people at their report and at our health talk (every Tuesday evening at 7:15pm). So why on earth would I not want it?!

I’ve been under chiropractic care for 30 years now and I could probably count the number of days I’ve taken off ill in the last 25 years on the fingers of one hand. At 55 I’m no longer a spring chicken but my spine and nervous system work as well as they’ve ever done! Sure, once in a blue moon I’ll overdo it and get a symptom or two but an adjustment gets me back to as good as new. I get checked on a regular basis, just like I recommend to my patients, and I wouldn’t be without it.

So, of course I have chiropractic! You couldn’t pay me enough NOT to have it.

Yours in health

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