back pain treatmentOne of the most common reasons people consult chiropractors is for back pain treatment.

There are many causes of and, indeed, types of back pain. From the chronic long-term type which could be the related to a childhood injury to the more acute short-lived problem arising from work & posture stress. These often come from a combination of muscle spasm cramp and joint dysfunction. There is more information about Disc problems HERE and Sciatica HERE.

A persistent back problem, whether it be in your Lumbar (low back) or Thoracic (mid back) spine can be very wearing and coping with the pain, even if intermittent, can make life very stressful. It makes sense to deal with such problems as soon as possible and not wait until they’ve been there a long time and take longer to resolve.

Chiropractic has been well documented as an effective treatment for a wide range of these sorts of problems. In addition to providing relief of such symptoms there are often reported side benefits in the form of improvements in overall wellbeing, especially if this is combined with a change to healthier lifestyle choices.

By working with the body to improve the function of the spinal joints and to remove irritation of the nervous system chiropractic can make significant changes in peoples health and well being. This enables them to take a much more active role in their life and their health, enjoying sport, gardening, playing with their children (or grandchildren!) and getting the most from life.

Don’t put up with back pain. Chiropractic can help you get the most from life.

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