Wellness Care

Wellness CareThe principles of Chiropractic are really quite simple.

It’s self evident that your body can, in normal circumstances, regulate and heal itself. You don’t have to do anything to heal a graze – your body will do that by itself.

It’s also clear from the great deal of research over the years that your brain and nervous system controls and co-ordinates all your bodies activities (From Guytons Textbook of Physiology).

It stands to reason then that if your nervous system suffers from interference then it can’t work as well, i.e. your body could malfunction.

It’s been shown that the skull and spine (which protect and house the brain and spinal cord) can become restricted or misaligned and irritate the nervous system.

A Subluxation.

These subluxations can impact our health and well-being. These can be associated with pain or stiffness but not necessarily, as they may be asymptomatic, especially at first.

Our goal

Our aim is to help you remain free of these subluxations and allow your body to function as well as it can… free of nervous system interference.