Let’s have a higher standard

I was looking in a magazine the other day and came across an advisement for some therapy or other. To be honest I can’t remember which it was, but the thing that caught my eye was that it made a host of claims to able to ‘cure this’ and ‘help that’ and ‘alleviate ‘ what have you. I looked at the conditions it claimed to help and knew straight away that most of what they were claiming could, at best, be anecdotal and had surely never been subjected to any kind of testing. The list made it sound like this was the answer to all your prayers.

As a chiropractor we are subject to a strict code of ethics including rules about what we are allowed to claim we can help. There are now definite rules, under the banner of the advertising standards authority, and we have to abide by these.

Now, much though sometimes these rules annoy me ( they can be ridiculously strict) they do mean that we can only claim things that we can realistically deliver. I’m slightly cross that, because these people are unregistered, they can make the most outlandish assertions and nobody says a word. Much though I don’t want a situation where all we can talk about are conditions that we’ve got great results from in a double-blind, randomised, controlled trial; there should be some sort of standard. I wouldn’t claim to be able to reduce arthritis, “cure” M.S. or chronic fatigue syndrome but it seems that there are many out there who would! All too often it’s hogwash (hence the picture, see?)

Don’t get me wrong, maybe some of these therapies CAN help certain problems in ways we don’t yet understand but (and it’s a big but) to claim such miracle cures can be irresponsible. God knows (other deities are available) we’ve had success with many surprising conditions, which obviously I’m not allowed to list here, but I’m not about to claim I can treat x,y or z. It’s a difficult issue. What I’d like is some degree of balance and for claims to be reasonable. I understand that, as it stands, that would be against my criteria but guidelines could be drawn up. Increasingly we are judged against Advertising Standards. These are not the best people to govern this but who can?

Incidentally, one last “moan”. Some therapists claim to do things such as “realign your quantum energy points” or “recalibrate your chi through a unique series of stimulating aura  washes”. Please, please, please, can we have some degree of honesty and validity to claims that are made?! So much of that is just… well… let’s say B.S. by that I mean Beyond Suspicious or Basically Suspect (other explanations of B.S. meaning are also available)

So to sum up, if you do want to go and see someone who does all that, somewhat leftfield, stuff then by all means do … BUT …. do take the outlandish claims that some make (and the gobbledegook) with a family size pinch, in some cases bucket, of salt.  With us you’ll get straight talking, validated, scientific explanations that you can make sense of and trust. You know where you are with a chiropractor!

Till next time

Yours in health

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