It’s bones isn’t it?

No.... Well, yes... And no. Let me explain. Lots of people, new to chiropractic, think it's all about bones. Some will even have a whole system in their head that they've got from...somewhere, that says that chiropractors do bones, physios do muscles, osteopaths do joints ; as if there is some kind of delineation between them all ( bones, joints, muscles I mean, not between us, physios & osteopaths!). Your body is intricately connected and you can't Read more →

Christmas tips

With Christmas fast approaching (why DO we say that? It’s the same speed as always!) it’s time to examine the stresses and strains of the season and give you a bit of advice to minimise those stresses if we can. Remember … discs may not slip but you might! There’s still occasionally wet leaves around and these can be very Read more →

Let’s have a higher standard

I was looking in a magazine the other day and came across an advisement for some therapy or other. To be honest I can't remember which it was, but the thing that caught my eye was that it made a host of claims to able to 'cure this' and 'help that' and 'alleviate ' what have you. I looked at the conditions it claimed to help and knew straight away that most of what they were claiming could, at best, be anecdotal and had surely never been subjected to any kind of testing. The list made it sound like this Read more →


Sorry for shouting there. :-\ Stressful influences seem to surround us. If it isn’t the outside threat of global warming or political shenanigans (lovely word), it’s closer to home with work demands or domestic issues taking their toll on our health and our sanity. Of course, some stress is inevitable and, in fact, normal. It can encourage us to get things done or change things we don’t like. If you think about it... a world without any stress at all would leave us so laid back or bored, there would be little impetus to do any thing! However, it’s when we Read more →

Something fishy about this

Omega 3 You hear a lot about this nowadays. It's what's called an Essential Fatty Acid and the reason they're essential is that we can't make them ourselves - we have to consume them regularly in foods or supplements. Ideally it must be consumed in the right ratio together with Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA). Omega 3 has been decreasing in the food chain since the advent of industrialisation and the levels of Omega 6 have risen over that time too. Without getting too technical.. Read more →

A bath in the forest?

Shrin Rin - yoku Absolutely! Of course you all know that this, literally translated, means forest bathing and you're wondering what on earth I'm on about! This refers to the concept that being out and about in nature has healing properties. Something the Japanese have known about for a very long time. Generally we all kind of know this on some level - that you feel better after a long walk in the woods and that you don't feel the same benefit after Read more →

In the driving seat

Back to the subject of work and movement this time let's look at inactivity. I'm going to focus in this post on driving (hence the "object of desire" photo). Being stuck behind the wheel of your van or your BMW 350i Special Edition GTV X1 ( I made that up ... It's a guess... You can probably tell), they're both bad for you if you do it for too long without a break. You need to stop, get out and walk around for 5 minutes at least every 75 to 90 minutes, NOT 3 hours. Also, stopping for a sit down Read more →