Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cookbook

Changing Habits Changing Lives Cookbook  £20.99

A great partner to Changing Habits Changing Lives, this cookbook is filled with over 200 recipes for your health and wellbeing. Indulge your sweet tooth too! Simple foods to use and simple but wonderful recipes. Cyndi also shows you how to get organised in the kitchen and how to substitute ingredients when you don’t have the “right” ones.

Hippychick Childseats

Hippychick childseats  £39.95

This award winning Hipseat enables you to carry your child on your hip without backstrain – ideal for babies and toddlers from 6 months.

Best described as a strong belt with a little padded foam shelf built in, so your child sits on the shelf and not on your hip. Your child’s weight is Read more →

Swiss Gym Balls

Sissel Gym ball 65 cm: £29.95
Sissel Gym ball 55cm: £30.95
Sissel SitFit seat 33cm: £29.95
Gym Ball exercise book: £9.99

These training balls help to develop your core stability (your abdominal and low back muscles). They’re suitable for a large number of exercises, Read more →

Deskwork – Not Your Spine’s Best Friend

Yes, the bane of our lives and one of THE most common causes of the troubles we see. It’s not uncommon for people with physical jobs to think that they’d be much better off with a desk job. But I can assure you I’d much rather be in a physical job than being sat at a desk all day at Norwich United insurance (or Arriba as they’d now be called – if they were real).

Our bodies are designed to move. We’re still, at heart, hunter gatherers. We’ve not evolved a whole lot in the last 10,000 years. Back then, before cars, X-boxes and Starbuckses, we moved around… a lot! Our day consisted of running around hunting stuff, wandering around gathering stuff, sleep and…. not a lot else.

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Talk the walk

We often ask our patients to take a short walk after their adjustment, depending on the chiropractic technique we’ve used. We generally ask you to take short walks of about 5 minutes or so, to stabilise your spine.

Walking is a low impact type of exercise and, as such, is suitable if you have ongoing or recurrent episodes of lower back pain. Aerobic exercise can be great for reducing the incidence of low back pain but it’s too painful to perform when you’re actually suffering. Walking counts as good exercise but doesn’t aggravate the structures in your lower back.

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“Do you do…?”

I quite clearly don’t get chiropractic across well to some people. I take the blame myself, it’s not them. It has to be me. On an infrequent basis a patient will say to me ” I have this problem in my knee/hand/foot, do you do knees/hands/feet?”. Now, it would be easy for me to say “Of course we do!” and even be a bit indignant that they don’t know. But that would be foolish. It’s MY fault that they don’t. So this goes some way to starting to correct that lack of education on my part. Read more →

You want to do a what transplant?!

There are a huge number of research projects ongoing at any one time related to the plethora of conditions that we, as humans, can exhibit. As an avid reader of New Scientist I see a, still tiny, number of the intriguing tidbits that get leaked (deliberately) to the media. I’m always on the lookout for anything my patients may find of interest. Two in particular caught my eye recently, both related to the M.S./Parkinson’s group of “diseases”. Read more →

Fever Pitch

I know I always seem to title these posts with a terrible schoolboy-humour/ tabloid-worthy headline but this one was so glaringly obvious I just couldn’t resist it! With winter approaching and colds and flu on the horizon I thought it’s time to talk feverishly (OK, I’ll stop with the puns now).
Fever…. what’s it’s for? I’ve asked people of all ages this over the years. In the end everyone comes down to “it’s your bodies defence against the bug” ( kids get this much quicker than adults!). So, if it’s your defence mechanism, why do we so often try to interfere with it? Well, there’s been an interesting article in New Scientist recently. It takes the tack that science has been looking at what happens when we use drugs to bring a fever down and maybe it’s not such a good idea to do this.

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Do I Get Chiropractic?

Every week one of my patients (usually a recent new patient) will express surprise at the fact that I have chiropractic care. Now… I blame myself. If I don’t TELL them then how would they be expected to know? However, there’s a big ‘BUT…’ that follows on from that.

You see, I tell everyone about how chiropractic helps their health overall. There’s evidence which reports that it can boost your immune system, that it keeps your nervous system free of interference (which has to be a good thing) and helps to keep you functioning physically at your best (to name but a few). I explain all this to our people at their report and at our health talk (every Tuesday evening at 7:15pm). So why on earth would I not want it?!

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Exercising the Wrong Way

Exercise the right way round.

Many people are just doing their exercise all the wrong way around. No I don’t mean that you need to sit the other way on the exercise bike! What so many people do, is that they exercise in the wrong order or the wrong way. Let’s look at what most do step by step and see what might need to change.

So many people will arrive at the gym and do a few stretches to warm up. Not a bad thing to do – though it’s important to remember that it’s not meant to be a ferocious pull on your hamstring/quads/ lats that stops just short of ripping your muscle in two! Be very careful when using leverage, such as putting your leg up on a rail to stretch hamstrings, very easy to overdo it. It should be gentle and progressive and held for at least 8 seconds (count it off, it’s longer than you might think). Remember it’s not a competition with that annoying guy from accounts; people have different flexibilities. Just let your body be your guide.

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