Remembering a bun

In this post I’m going to teach you a technique showing you how to remember a list of ten things (maybe more) with minimal effort in under 5 minutes. What’s this got to do with chiropractic I (don’t) hear you ask. Well it can reduce your stress, help you (or perhaps more importantly your kids) with tests and other areas of your life where you can’t sneak a look at your iPhone to remind you!
Also the next step in our cutting-edge paperless office system is to send out little SMS or email reminders to people to help them to remember their appointments. All part of us giving the best service to our patients here at Norwich Chiropractic. Now, not everyone needs a reminder. Some people have a great memory. Even if you have, this’ll help.

One bun. You may have come across this before but if you haven’t it’s like magic! We remember pictures much better than we do words. So you link each item on your “list” to the image of the following :-

One. =. Bun Two. =. shoe Three=. Tree Four. =. Door Five = Hive
Six. =. Sticks Seven =. Heaven Eight. =. Gate Nine. =. Vine Ten. =. Hen

So what you do is make a mental image that uses the word in the list and the thing you’re trying to remember. Eg. you want to remember roller skate, hat, sandwich and Asia. You come up with the wackiest, wildest silliest picture of a bun and a roller skate (maybe rushing down a hill with icing going everywhere!) ¬†then Hat… A pair of shoes in a particularly flamboyant matching hat. Then you do Sandwich – a Xmas tree shape made out of triangular sandwiches, lastly Asia and door, so a big Asia shaped door in a wall. You get the idea. The sillier the better. You WILL remember them better…. Promise! You can get up to higher numbers with legs eleven, dozing dozen, unlucky thirteen, fort fourteen and so on. This does work and it’s easy and fun.

The most thing important thing to remember though is that chiropractic can help you to be healthier, and enjoy vibrant wellbeing, by removing the interference with your nervous system. This interference results from the physical stresses and strains of everyday life on your spine. So… to be healthy and well, you need to breathe good air (duh!), drink enough water, eat the right foods, get enough rest, do enough exercise AND make sure your nervous system is free of interference. Now… how are you going to remember that list?

Let me know how you get on with this.
All the best

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