Talk the walk

We often ask our patients to take a short walk after their adjustment, depending on the chiropractic technique we’ve used. We generally ask you to take short walks of about 5 minutes or so, to stabilise your spine.

Walking is a low impact type of exercise and, as such, is suitable if you have ongoing or recurrent episodes of lower back pain. Aerobic exercise can be great for reducing the incidence of low back pain but it’s too painful to perform when you’re actually suffering. Walking counts as good exercise but doesn’t aggravate the structures in your lower back.

For some back problems, even walking will aggravate or cause too much pain to be bearable. In this case, other low-impact exercise may be advisable, especially water therapy (such as jogging exercises in the pool or deep water aerobics). This is because the water supports your body, which reduces compression on your lower back. This allows for more pain free movement.

Walking helps to:

  • improve your circulation, pump nutrients into your soft tissues and drain toxins.
  • strengthen your muscles in your feet, legs, hips, and torso. It also increases the stability of the spine and conditions the muscles that keep the body in the upright position.
  • improve your posture and flexibility. Walking, along with regular stretching, allows greater range of motion; helps prevent awkward movements and potential for future injury.
  • strengthen bones and reduce bone density loss. Regular walking for exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and can help to reduce pain if you suffer from osteoarthritis.
  • control weight, especially as one ages and metabolism slows.
  • reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. It can also lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

So now you know the benefits of walking. If you do a 2 mile walk every day for a week you’ll feel so much better (mind you – you will also be 14 miles from home!) As always, if you have a question, just call me on 01603 216430 and I will call you back or email me through our website

All the best