Myovision Computerised Spinal Analysis

Myovision Scanner Diagram

At Norwich Chiropractic, we use this diagnostic method to assess any nervous system and muscle system stress in your spine. Quick, painless and completely non-invasive, our computerised spinal scan, using state-of- the-art technology, assesses 2 criteria

1) Temperature variation in the skin over your spine. This temperature variation indicates stress on your nervous system, through the alterations nervous system strain can cause in the blood flow along the spine. This will lead to small but significant changes in skin temperature both along the length of the spine and, of course, from left to right.

2) The scan also analyses the tension in the spinal muscles by using surface electromyography, similar to an ECG of your spine. This can pinpoint areas of spinal tension and muscle imbalance by measuring the minute electrical activity in the spinal muscles. As with the temperature difference this can be both up and down the spine as well as left to right.

We explain your scan to you and print it out and annotate it for you to take home at your report of findings. (These scans are carried out in private and ladies always wear a cotton gown for comfort and privacy). Your scan will show any objective changes that have taken place and, when repeated during scanpatientthe course of your care, will show, and measure,  the degree of progress you have made over time. The computer can display your initial readings and your current ones simultaneously. We will soon have the facility to email these read-outs directly to your phone or iPad.

The technology grew out of work done with NASA to assess astronaut’s spines and is used by chiropractors around the world. Norwich Chiropractic was amongst the first to purchase this equipment in the UK.

The ability to accurately measure these small, but significant differences with the Myovision scanner is a huge boon to us and it can help us find abnormalities that we otherwise might not be able to pick up. We find it an invaluable tool as it helps our patients to objectively measure and understand, in a visual form, the progress they are making.