We offer a wide range of chiropractic techniques which we tailor to you and your needs.

We use techniques either on their own or in combination, to suit everyone, depending on their health problem, age and size. From mums-to-be, babies and children to the elderly, there is always a technique we can use. Weʼll discuss options with you and, when we have taken into account any preference you may have, we will advise what we think will get you the best results.
The majority of people report a feeling of well-being and ease following their adjustments and often experience a sense of release. Any discomfort that might occur tends to be momentary and is usually a result of tensing up.  Let us know if you feel nervous. The more you relax, the better and, as you get used to them, you’ll find adjustments feel good!

Diversified Technique

Chiropractic Techniques (Diversified Technique)This is one of the most widely practiced chiropractic techniques here at Norwich Chiropractic, involving physical adjustments of the joints to improve range of motion and reduce nerve irritation. Your spine is checked for a combination of flexibility, position and tension at each visit to assess which parts need adjusting. We use specific and quick, light thrusts which sometimes produce a clicking or a popping sound. This is simply the gas and fluids in the joint shifting slightly. This sound, or the absence of it, doesn’t affect the adjustment and is entirely safe and painless. Diversified technique takes many years of experience to refine so that you receive exactly the right adjustment for you. Practiced well, this technique produces rapid changes in your spine, helping to reduce nervous system interference, whilst increasing flexibility and reducing pain. We also use this technique with other joints of the body.



This technique uses an instrument called an Activator which gives consistent low-force, high-speed chiropractic adjustments rather than directly by hand. The Activator instrument is specifically designed to deliver this controlled, light and fast thrust making adjustments effective and comfortable. The thrust delivered by the instrument is so quick that its speed is ahead of your body’s tendency to tighten up and resist the thrust. Adjustments using the Activator are suitable for all types of people including pregnant women, babies and children, as well as athletes and the elderly. It is commonly used together with other techniques and is also used to adjust other joints such as knees, wrists, ankles etc.

 Applied Kinesiology (A.K.)

 Applied KinesiologyThis is an adjunct of other chiropractic techniques, using muscle testing to help with both diagnosis and treatment. Simple muscle testing can help to reveal structural, chemical and mental problems that may be affecting your health. This, in turn, guides the treatment which involves balancing your body’s muscle tone. Alterations to the “tone” or “strength” of the muscle is made by stimulating specific trigger points. It also has a cranial component (working on the bones of the skull). One component tests various muscles of the body (one of your arms is convenient) which can help reveal underlying health issues if the muscle weakens.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

Sacro-Occipital TechniqueThis is a more generalised “tonal” technique for the whole body. It does not involve the “adjustments” of the joints but concentrates on the balance of the body, in particular the relationship, and balance, of the pelvis (sacrum) and skull (occiput). It’s especially well suited to frail and elderly people and involves wedge-shaped blocks which are placed carefully underneath your body as you lie on the couch. Knowing precisely where to position the blocks helps your body to make the corrections it needs to align your pelvis, naturally. This technique improves spinal function and is known for its consistent results. We may also use activator techniques and diversified technique together with SOT if needed.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)

This technique, like activator technique, uses an instrument to deliver the precise thrust to the spine. In this case it’s called an Arthrostim which delivers a fast, accurate, low force and controlled adjustment to the required part of the body. In this case, the multiple thrusts feel rather like a vibration, which introduce forces into the body to correct the subluxations. Like the Activator, it does this without “popping” or “clicking” sounds that may happen with other techniques. You can be adjusted in different postures, such as standing or sitting, and can be a useful addition to the other techniques we use here at Norwich Chiropractic.


The extremity joints (knees, wrists, ankles, shoulders etc) can be adjusted using diversified, activator or AK techniques. There are many ways of improving the function of your joints. In some cases, these issues are uncovered as you go through care and it may become clear that an issue with your joints is having an impact on your spinal problem.

Thompson /drop piece

This technique utilises a special feature of our treatment couches in which a precise force is used and is assisted by a special couch in which different sections will gently give way when a thrust is delivered. This reduces the amount of force necessary to move the joint in your spine.