Three Things You Must Remember

Norwich Chiropractic is different

We aim to address the cause of your problem giving you a long-term solution. Our number one goal is to identify the the key reason for your problem and correct it as quickly as possible, as cost effectively as possible and as thoroughly as possible.

There are 3 things to remember:

  • If you ignore it will not just “Go away”
  • Seek to correct the cause of the trouble
  • Medication is NOT the answer

Don’t try to ignore it

It’s important not to just ignore your problem or learn to live with it. We’ve seen so many people who have tried that in the past and the problem just keeps coming back until one day it comes back worse and then just will NOT go away.

You can’t “learn to live with it”. Could you learn to live with a splinter in your thumb or bad toothache? No. The longer it goes on does not mean the pain will lessen and become tolerable. That doesn’t happen. It’s vital to do something about your back or spinal problem quickly before your spine deteriorates. In most cases the longer the problem is there the longer it’ll take to correct.

Correct the cause

It’s no good just aiming for a quick fix to your problem. In many cases if all you do is just get rid of the pain it will return. The timescale can vary for this but unless you address the true cause of your trouble it will be temporary relief only. How much better is it to fully resurface the road rather than just pop a bit of tarmac in the pothole?

It’s important to get you out of pain as quickly as possible but equally important to make sure you’re dealing with the real issue.

Drugs don’t fix it

Most people are prescribed pills for their pain or condition. The fact is, they only suppress your symptoms. This makes you “feel better”, but NOT function better.

  • For example, blood pressure pills alter your blood pressure, but they don’t correct the cause of your blood pressure.
  • Paracetamol and Aspirin relieve your headache, but do not address the cause of it.
  • Ibuprofen and Nurofen may reduce inflammation and reduce pain, but they don’t correct the cause of your pain. All these drugs have side effects too.

How long will it take?

There are many factors that affect how long someone will take to recover; things such as how long you’ve had the problem, how severe it is, your age, your general health and so on.

At our comprehensive consultation and examination we’ll go through your history in detail and then check you out thoroughly to determine what’s causing your problems. At your report visit we give you a written report of our findings along with our recommendations. In that report we’ll discuss our best estimate for you to get the results you’re looking for. We aim to provide you with long-lasting results not just a quick fix.

Can we help you?

Acute problems

Most often, recent or ‘acute’ problems can be corrected very quickly.  If you have had a recent accident and you get checked straight away, you may only need very few visits to correct your problem.

But if you have had an accident a long time ago and you have only just started to get symptoms now, it is likely that it will take longer to correct because you didn’t address the cause of your problem, that original injury years ago.

Some people put off that essential check-up and then forget about it until… one day, they get severe pain or are diagnosed with a serious problem.  Then they remember, but in some cases it can be too late.

  • For example, when someone has a heart attack, how long have the arteries been clogging?  For years!
  • When someone gets arthritic pain for the first time, when did the arthritis start? Some years ago!

Similarly when you get pain in your back or neck the original cause may have been years ago in a car accident or fall that triggered a problem in your spine that your body has been working around for years.

At Norwich Chiropractic we’re committed to finding that underlying cause and helping you recover fully.

Long term problems

It’s possible you’ve had your symptoms for a long time and now have a chronic problem. Though it may take longer for your body to recover, there is still a strong chance that Norwich Chiropractic may be able to help. It’s a bit like your physical fitness. If you’re just a little bit out of condition it may not take many visits to the gym to get you back to 100%, but if you’re way out of condition and very unfit it’ll take more time at the gym, and more work, to build you back up. With long term issues it’s even more vital to do a thorough history and exam to determine the root cause of the trouble. Clearly the longer the problem has been there the more visits it will take to correct it.

You may have seen a number of other practitioners such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and even other chiropractors. Don’t think that there isn’t the help out there. We have different approaches and techniques which could make the difference. If your problem is too far gone we’ll tell you but, if we feel we can genuinely make a difference to your problem, we’ll advise you on what we can do.

Wellness and prevention

Here at Norwich Chiropractic we’re proud of our approach to preventing problems and the way we help people achieve optimal health. Keeping your spine functioning at 100% does more than just keep you free of pain it helps to reduce interference to your nervous system and this interference has been shown to cause a number of health issues. We call this interference Subluxation.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail