What Our Patients Say


Sally B.’s turn around

Before I came to Norwich Chiropractic  I was wondering what the rest of my life was going to be like. I was in pain, with limited mobility and miserable. When I awoke in the mornings, I would be in so much pain with my back and hip, I couldn’t even sit on the edge of my bed to get up! I couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable and although I had tried many things such as physio, exercise, my GP as well as other medical specialists, nothing was helping.  I remember thinking that if I felt this bad now, what would I be like in the future?

With chiropractic care, I now sleep well and wake up pain free. As my mobility is much better, I can garden again – an activity I love. I’m also able to go to the gym and go swimming which I couldn’t do before, as well as being able to address other health issues because I’m now pain free. I find Norwich Chiropractic team to be very helpful, understanding and sensitive to my needs. They are always willing to answer questions and I feel I can be my natural self and have a laugh with them. I love them all! So much so, that the rest of my family, having seen how well I’m doing, also come here and are benefitting from chiropractic.

Sally B.

Flying again

UntitledFollowing a chance meeting with Neil (whom he’d known some 15 years before), Alan came in for help with his pelvic, knee, ankle and abdominal pains. He’d ended up on a cocktail of medications with broken sleep and real suffering. Within 4 weeks of starting care he found his symptoms subsiding . He’s a regular now and says he feels our practice is “unique as, with Neil and his team – who are always professional but caring, I feel as though I am the most important person being adjusted.” Alan is an amazing character and it’s a joy to see him flying his plane again.

Alan H.

Alex gets a lift

Untitled3I had been suffering badly with lower back pain and sciatica for nearly 2 years. The only advice I received was to control the pain with medication and avoid work and leisure activities. As a young and normally active person, both in my work which involves a lot of bending and lifting and outside of work when I love to cycle and get fit, I found I could barely move my back.

After finding Neil and his team on line, I called for an appointment. It was only after seeing him that I realized just how poor my range of movement was. Now I’ve improved beyond measure and I’m training more at the gym in the hope of taking part in a London to Paris charity cycle event! I found Norwich Chiropractic to be really friendly and caring as I was made to feel welcome from my very first visit. Neil has done an amazing job and would absolutely recommend him. His care has made a huge difference to my quality of life.

Alex R.


Literally improved in leaps and bounds!

Untitled4I came to see Neil at Norwich Chiropractic because I had developed a knee problem that was affecting my ability to dance. As a dance student at a prestigious dance academy, dancing is my world and I simply couldn’t afford to miss my classes or shows. Apparently, I had damaged my knee cartilage and doctors couldn’t be of any more help other than to advise me to rest up for some time.

As I had already taken time out due to my injury, I was really concerned about falling behind the rest of my class. I was also really worried about whether I would be able to perform in shows anymore. When I came to Norwich Chiropractic to see Neil, I felt he took the time to listen to me and understand how desperate I was to keep dancing. With regular chiropractic care, I improved in leaps and bounds to the extent that I am now back dancing and performing.

I think my photo shows how happy I am to be back! I now know how to protect myself from further injury and that it’s advisable to step back from a task if I feel I need to. I would definitely recommend Norwich Chiropractic as they made a massive change to my life and the whole team are lovely and very helpful.

Faith B.

Rixy’s back in the boat

Rixy Racing testimonialsLike so many people Rixy (as he likes to be known) was referred to us by a friend. He couldn’t work or sleep for the severe pain from a trapped nerve. After coming to see us he was back at work in 3 weeks where his GP had advised it could be 8 weeks! Rixy says “ Neil has the hands of God!” He’s back now and racing in hydroplane power boats again, beating people half his age – amazing. Here’s Rixy racing his hydroplane.

164 miles in a day!

Untitled1John, from the Fire Service, came to see us with pins and needles in his arms and hands. Every day he would have a constant dull ache which affected his life and made sleeping difficult. Since having Chiropractic care and ongoing maintenance, he has experienced a huge difference in his quality of life and it’s enabled him to sleep better than ever before. In 2013 he completed a 164 mile in a day cycle ride for charity, very impressive!

John B.

James living the “high” life

1173647_10202002928064109_1916709937_n_2I came to Norwich Chiropractic in a lot of pain. I had stiffness and discomfort in my lower back. The only way I could get comfortable was laying down. I could barely bend and found it difficult to stand up when I had been sitting down.  I came to see Neil and now I feel great. I can do everything a normal person should be able to and I can even begin to get back into weight training and do other things I love (including dinner at this 40th floor restaurant)

The centre itself is great with a calm atmosphere and the team are friendly, helpful, professional and attentive. I would definitely recommend Norwich Chiropractic centre to others so they can feel 10 times better and get the same benefit that I have had.

James U.

From Whiplash to Marathon.

BridgetHas my life changed for the better with chiropractic? Oh yes!

I came to see Neil, my chiropractor, with a whiplash injury. I had recovered a little but I wasn’t back to my pre-accident fitness. I had to be careful about how I worked at my computer, as I needed to protect my neck and back. I also struggled to get out of bed or get comfortable in bed and I wasn’t able to do resistance training or running.

I had tried doing physio exercises and hot and cold treatment, but avoided painkillers after the first couple of days. After seeing Neil, I’m back to doing weights and resistance training. I have also started running again. Previously 5km was my maximum, but since getting adjusted, I’ve gone on to do 10km Race for Life, 10km Runway run, half a marathon and I’m now in training for the London Marathon 2012!

I find Norwich Chiropractic a positive, friendly, welcoming, supportive, relaxing, empowering, reassuring and very professional place to come, and I’d recommend Norwich Chiropractic to others for all those reasons. They have helped me back to health… and beyond.

Bridget R. (Neck Problems)

Rosemary thought she had tried everything…

rosemarysRosemary was an aquafit instructor and her back problem was stopping her from getting on with life. She often had to stay in bed. A selfconfessed sceptic, a friend persuaded her to come to us. Even though she thought she’d tried everything she decided to give us a go, although she wasn’t very hopeful. Chiropractic has made an enormous difference to Rosemary’s health. She says that “everything has improved” and sees chiropractic as always being part of her life now.

leoLittle Leo couldn’t settle

Leo was only days old when he was brought in by his mum. He didn’t seem at all happy and wasn’t settling well. His mum thought she’d get his spine checked. After just a few adjustments his mum noticed a considerable improvement and he was eating and sleeping much better. This gave him a much better start in life.

Better Physically and Mentally

TimI first heard about Norwich Chiropractic when I attended their Opening Day at their, then, new centre almost 5 years ago. I have suffered for several years from mental illness and I have found chiropractic to be very positive and encouraging.

Neil, my chiropractor, has helped me to understand how to live a much healthier lifestyle. I now think about what it is I am eating and drinking. I exercise and I have recently given up smoking after many, many years.

I am very grateful to Neil and his team for their gentle reminders on the importance of chiropractic, exercise and general wellbeing, which I am pleased to say I am now benefiting from. I would definitely recommend Norwich Chiropractic to others.

Tim C. (Back pain and Overall Health)

Chiropractic Care for a Carer

MaryI first consulted Norwich Chiropractic as I was in a lot of pain. Being an active lady, this affected me tremendously. A friend of mine and former patient recommended the centre when he could see my obvious discomfort.

I care for my husband and life was very difficult with a bad back. I found I couldn’t carry out my day-to-day activities as normal and my sleep was affected also. I had tried other therapies such as physiotherapy and Bowen technique but unfortunately, the effects were short lived. Since starting care, I am feeling so much better! I can move more easily, am in far less pain and I can even walk further than I could before.

I enjoy visiting the centre and I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others as it’s making such a difference in my life. Indeed my daughter and her family are now under care too.

Mary P. (Back Pain)

If only I’d found Chiropractic sooner…

Jane's testimonialI first consulted Norwich Chiropractic as I was in great pain suffering from a trapped nerve and sciatica. The pain had become unbearable, so much so that I couldn’t see beyond it. I felt so miserable.

I confided in a friend who told me that one of her friends had previously attended the centre and had received great results. As I had tried everything else, such as Bowen technique and the usual painkillers, all without success, I thought it was worth a try, so I made an appointment.

And aren’t I glad that I did!!… my life is so much better, not just for me but my friends and family also. Thanks to Neil, the cause has now been found. I do need a hip replacement but I am very positive about the idea, in fact I can’t wait! I love visiting the centre as I feel that I am treated as an individual, the team are very supportive and I know and trust in them that I WILL get better.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend chiropractic to others; it works on the whole body, mentally and physically. I only wish I had started with it first!!

Jane A. (Trapped Nerve and Sciatica)

(Update – Subsequent to Jane writing this, she has had her hip replaced, is doing wonderfully well and keeping up her chiropractic maintenance to keep her fit, supple and well).

Goodbye painkillers and walking stick!

KyraI was in so much pain I wanted to die because of it. I felt dead from the neck down and couldn’t work or walk properly without the use of a cane. I tried everything! Including accident and emergency and my GP. They just gave me drugs, which didn’t help or even touch the pain I was experiencing.

A good friend of mine suggested that I try Norwich Chiropractic, so I did! After only a few adjustments I found I could bend and walk and do most of the things I could do before all my back pain and trouble started. I no longer need to take pain-killers or use my walking stick, I finally have my life back thanks to Norwich Chiropractic and their team!

Kyra B. (Back Pain)

Neil has me sailing again!

ColinI attended Norwich Chiropractic suffering from lower back pain and right shoulder pain. A keen rower, sailor and gardener, my favourite hobbies were sadly no longer do-able.

Thankfully due to chiropractic, I’m now pain free and feel much healthier. My energy levels have returned and I can now walk and stand for long periods. I can also enjoy gardening and sailing again!

Colin R. (Lower Back and Shoulder Pain)

No more painkillers for me

ValHaving suffered with back problems for many, many years, I am delighted with my improvement at Norwich Chiopractic. I no longer need to take painkillers and I’ve been able to resume my favourite hobby – gardening! I love coming for my adjustments at the centre, it’s such a relaxing place to be.

Val A. (Back Problems)

An end to thirty years of pain

RitaMy pain and my aching body made me visit Norwich Chiropractic, I’d heard about the centre through a very good neighbour, Angie.

My daily life has been very painful since 1976. A whiplash injury was the start of my neck problems and as the years have gone by I have lost mobility of my spine, neck and shoulders. My sleep was disturbed – every night I would need to sit up just to be able to turn over. My social life was affected too, as I had to give up playing bowls and I actually wore a collar most of the time.

I had tried hospitals, injections and physiotherapy, none of which were any help.

Now I am free of my neck support, free of pain and I can do my garden again. My back has become stronger and I am now able to resume my game of bowls. I feel well now and losing the pain from my aching body has given me a new lease of life.

My spine is now straight!

I cannot thank Norwich Chiropractic enough for their kind and welcoming approach to their patients, you are made to feel very special. I would recommend the centre to others because I know what a difference chiropractic can make. I have been in pain since 1976…. I am now pain free!!… YES!!!!

Rita C. (Neck and Back Problems)

95 years young

HarryHarry is one of our oldest patients here at Norwich Chiropractic. At 95 years of age (and not looking a day over 60!) he has been receiving Chiropractic care for over 18years. He has told us he believes having care has kept him looking and feeling younger, making it possible for him to enjoy hobbies such as long walks.

We love seeing Harry for his adjustments. He always comes bounding in full of energy and life! He is an inspiration to us all and has given us the confidence that, when we reach his age, chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle will do just the same for us.

Harry H. (For Vitality and Wellness)

A healthier life!

LauraI first consulted Norwich Chiropractic as I was suffering from severe neck pain which was causing me great discomfort. I was about to start a new job and I desperately wanted it resolved.

A former colleague of mine had been a patient for years and was always full of praise so I decided to give them a try. Not only was I suffering with a stiff neck, I was also experiencing pins and needles in my hands and legs and I also suffer from IBS. I had sought other help for my problems, such as herbal remedies (Chinese) but the effects were short lived.

Since coming to Norwich Chiropractic, I have noticed a definite improvement, especially with the pins and needles. Neil has also helped me with my digestion and associated problems; he is a very knowledgeable man. The centre is a lovely, relaxing place to visit and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend the centre to others as I can see the great benefits chiropractic has to offer, thank you!

Laura C. (Neck Pain)

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

ReubenReuben is one of our young patients (pictured here at just 2 years old). He first came to see us as a 1 year old as his grandma (also a patient at Norwich Chiropractic) suggested that he came in to see Neil.

Reuben had been suffering with sleeping problems since he was born and also had trouble lying down. This was making him and his mum very unhappy.

After only a few adjustments and some advice on which bed to buy for him, Reuben was sleeping like a log! Reuben is continuing to do very well and loves coming in to see us. He even takes Bob the Builder to have an adjustment and always enjoys choosing a different fun sticker to put on his file. His mum and grandma still keep up their regular chiropractic care to stay healthy and well (though they don’t get stickers!). Bob the Builder says he’s doing well!

(That was some years ago and Reubens now into football and martial arts, but Bob the builder’s OK with it))

Reuben S.

Trust Neil & Chiropractic!

VictoriaI had been going happily to a holistic centre for years with a stiff neck and shoulder, and continued to do so after a nasty fall fractured the ‘tail’ of my spine, resulting in it setting in the wrong position This caused pain all the way up my left side, and into my shoulders and neck.

However, the periods between visits were getting shorter and shorter, as my spine kept slipping back to an incorrect position. This coupled with difficulty getting appointments made me decide that a more ‘positive’ approach was probably necessary.

So, I looked to Google for a list of chiropractors in the area. I came upon Neil Folker. One quick phone call later, I had an appointment booked for that same day. A completely different experience then occurred, with scans of my back being done, and a clear program of ‘restoration’ being planned and explained. There was no ‘pain’ that you hear stories about, there was some momentary discomfort while he adjusted my spine, and there were definitely some noises, (usually from me giggling), but the end result has been a gradual, but sustained improvement in not only my back, shoulder and neck pain, but my overall wellbeing.

My advice to a new patient would be, make the phone call, trust Neil, and keep all your appointments!

Victoria H. (Neck, Shoulder and Back Problems)

Post-Natal care

KimberleyKimberley first saw us in late 2006 with back problems since giving birth. It took perseverance and patience on her part to get her health back. She’s a lot better now and can do many things that were impossible before chiropractic care such as long walks and even lifting her little girl. Her 2nd birth went a lot better too!

Kimberley F. (Back Problems)