What’s all that noise? The clicks and pops.

A bit of an odd blog today. It’s about the noise. If I’m honest this is one of the tricky things about chiropractic. On one hand some people hate the noise of being adjusted and yet they do like to “hear” something happening. As to the cause of the clicks and pops – I’ll come to that in a minute. The aspect I want to touch on first of all is why is it that so many people remark on how their body is clicking a lot more, by itself, in the early stages of care? Well, I have my theories and I have discussed this with other chiropractors and I’ve come to the following conclusions (hard to describe this without a diagram… but I’ll do my best).

Think of your spine as being stiff in places, the subluxations – the places where the vertebrae are jammed or stuck. What your body will do to compensate is to overuse other parts, they become loose. A joint that moves too much is called hypermobile and will be able to click more easily (it stretches well). Now, a few visits into your care program, and you’ve got these hyper mobile joints and your stiff parts are starting to loosen up. Net result? Overall you’re generally looser than you would normally be and you feel like you’re clicking a lot more, all by yourself! It’s temporary don’t worry.
Now I’m also open to the idea that you may just be focussing on it and it always used to click. I don’t think so though. Usually what happens is that, after a while, the clicking dies down again. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s quite common and usually indicates that he person is recovering well and will be just fine.
As to the cause of the clicks, this happens when a joint is stretched rapidly. When that happens, in some adjustments, the drop in pressure in the joint fluid causes a bubble of gas to form and burst in the fluid. The pop is that little bubble of gas dispersing. Like pulling a sucker off a window. It doesn’t have to happen but it often does.
So there you have it, why we pop, how we pop and the reasons sometimes we pop a lot at the beginning.
Go ahead, be noisy, it’s fine.
Have a cracking day
Yours in (noisy) health
Neil Folker Chiropractor