Who we are

Man receiving treatment At Norwich Chiropractic, we see people of all ages and from all walks of life helping them to get well and stay that way.

Neil treating a little girlMy team and I love what we do, as there is nothing better than seeing people’s health and lives improve; doing things again that were not possible before. The simple things in life, such as being able to garden again, go for walks, lift or play with their children or grandchildren.  Our purpose is to help adults, children and babies live a healthy and vibrant life through natural chiropractic care, supported by good lifestyle habits.

who we are Neil & Macallans

We would like to see a healthier community, living with far less reliance on drugs and surgery. At Norwich Chiropractic, we teach people that true health comes from within. Health doesn’t come from a bottle or a scalpel. Indeed, drugs and surgery are not a sensible, or helpful, first option in many cases and should be considered a last resort! People who come to us discover that working with the body, rather than against it (which is how drugs work), brings them better results and that true health comes from within, if nurtured by the right treatment and lifestyle.

Neil says “it is perfectly possible to keep fit and healthy into old age if you do the right things. I see people in their eighties and nineties, who continue to see me on a wellness basis, who are living their lives to the full. One lady even goes on trekking holidays in Nepal! It just goes to show what’s possible”.

What we believe

It is said that good health is among our most valuable possessions; yet, in our experience, people have often lost their way when it comes to health. In the 21st century, our often hectic and stressful lifestyles can mean that we don’t always make the healthiest choices when it comes to food, exercise, work and leisure. Convenience foods can end up taking the place of healthy eating, the couch over exercise, long working hours over planned breaks and the pub over healthier leisure pursuits. These things can, in the long term, spell disaster for our health and our lives overall.

Chiropractic, as a science, art and philosophy of health, has always been ahead of its time and never more relevant than today. Many people are ready now for a different view of healthcare as they’re sick of the present healthcare system which isn’t really about true health at all. Unfortunately, people often put up with feeling less than their best, sometimes for years and when they finally come to see us, they say they wish they’d come sooner!

At Norwich Chiropractic, our approach to health is simple – we help you get well and stay that way. We address the cause of your problem, and not just the symptoms, which is vital for restoring health. Chiropractic is holistic and sees you as a whole person, rather than a selection of body parts, and it’s benefits can be far reaching. So with this in mind, we consider what stresses you may be under in your life – physical, chemical and emotional stresses that may be affecting your health. We understand that your first concern may well be pain relief and this will be our first concern also. We will invite you to our free health class too, as we believe you are more likely to make beneficial changes to your health and lifestyle if you’re well informed and supported. Your family is also welcome to come.

Chiropractic is different to medicine and we want you to understand where true health comes from, why you get sick in the first place and what you can do to get well. As you progress and start to feel better, we’ll talk to you about chiropractic care to strengthen and build on the improvements that you’ve made. We keep you informed and give you options at each stage, so you can decide whether you just want pain relief or whether you want to help prevent future relapses or go further and improve your health overall. We’ll be your guide but you are the decision maker. We’ll also let you know about health talks and events that we hold from time to time, to help you on your journey towards better health.

We have provided chiropractic care to thousands of individuals and families over the years and this means we have a wealth of experience to deal with the health challenges you might present us with. When you come to see us, you can be assured that you are in safe hands and have made the right choice. We consider it a privilege to help people reclaim their health and, at Norwich Chiropractic, we see people’s lives often change right in front of our eyes. Our motto is Positive Health Care for Vibrant Lives. We want you to have a vibrant life and that means being free of pain. That’s why we do what we do.

Although Neil has been in chiropractic for over 30 years, he is still amazed by the power of the body to heal itself when the spine and nervous system are given the opportunity to heal and repair.