Meet Your Chiropractors

Dr Neil – Clinic Director & Chiropractor

Meet Your Chiropractors (Neil Folker)I was always meant to be a chiropractor. It’s just that I didn’t know it until my late teens, when my mum became bedridden with severe back problems. My mum was stoic in character; from the generation who just got on with it, no matter what. For her to take to bed, it had to be bad! My girlfriend, at the time, offered to take her to her grandfather, a chiropractor. My mum was somewhat sceptical but desperate, so she went and, within a short period of time, began to improve. Before long, she was back to her old self – walking and gardening to her heart’s content. I was impressed and there began my journey to becoming a chiropractor.

Five years later, after much hard work, I graduated from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth with ‘Best Academic Record’. What happened to my girlfriend? I married her, of course and we’ve recently celebrated 42 years together!

First Practice

Box_outI initially set up my own practice in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and worked at another practice in Reading. A few years later, in 1985, my family and I moved to Norwich to set up Norwich Chiropractic. The practice grew quickly and I took on associate chiropractors to work alongside me.

As the practice expanded, I saw my own horizons expanding too. Chiropractors, in the UK, who were practicing in a wellness model, needed a voice and an association to represent them. With this in mind, I helped to found the first association, The United Chiropractic Association, to fill that need and became its president for 3 years, helping it to become the strong voice for wellness that it is today. The UCA has since gone from strength to strength and now, with over 600 members, is making representations to parliament in order to raise the profile of chiropractic in the UK and contribute towards improving the nation’s health.

Down under and back again

From 2003, my wife, Rosemary, and I spent a couple of years in Melbourne, Australia, running a practice in the sun, whilst our team looked after our practice here in Norwich. Returning in 2005, Norwich Chiropractic found a new home in a beautiful 16th century building in Heigham Street, formerly the Old Dolphin pub.

Neil with FamilyOver the years, I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the most highly respected leaders in the health and wellness field such as Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, John Demartini and many others. What I have learnt has been invaluable in terms of how it has shaped my approach to my patient’s health and wellbeing and, as I believe continued learning is of huge importance, I attend regular conferences on chiropractic and wellness. In 2011, I contributed to a new book, called Abundant Health, which is all the shift from the current model of healthcare to a wellness model so people can reclaim theirs and their family’s health. My wife, having a philosophy degree, wrote a chapter too!

My story is, of course, ongoing and with 30 years experience of helping people regain their health and joy for life again, I am still as passionate about Chiropractic now as the day I graduated. I consider it my purpose in life and seeing people’s lives transform is why I do what I do. I hope I can help you in your quest for better health too.