You want to do a what transplant?!

There are a huge number of research projects ongoing at any one time related to the plethora of conditions that we, as humans, can exhibit. As an avid reader of New Scientist I see a, still tiny, number of the intriguing tidbits that get leaked (deliberately) to the media. I’m always on the lookout for anything my patients may find of interest. Two in particular caught my eye recently, both related to the M.S./Parkinson’s group of “diseases”.

The latest (primarily about M.S.) concerns some findings that it may be due to impaired blood flow in the brain. The author of the original research found that by altering that blood flow and changing the iron levels in the brain he could reduce the MS symptoms significantly, albeit temporarily. Although his findings have not been reproduced it seems that there may be some useful research going on here… who knows maybe, in a few years time, science may be closer to an answer.

The other article (and the reason for the title of this piece) was about Parkinson’s and how it appears that it might be linked to an imbalance in bacteria in the gut which affects autoimmune conditions. The answer? A transplant. Of what? Gut contents, specifically faeces. Yes that’s right, you get someone else’s poo and have it transplanted into your gut. I know I had to read it twice too. But it does make a sort of sense. There is a lot of evidence that our gut bacteria have a lot to do with our immune systems and if they’re out of balance our immune systems may attack our own bodies. Change the gut bacteria and we may be able to recover! (What controls the gut bacteria though – your nervous system).
Science has truly whacky and weird answers sometimes. Who knows what will happen, but, even if these do prove to be beneficial, they are still only a way of dealing with the end result. But why does this happen?

All this goes to show me that it is vitally important that we try to make sure that our bodies function as well as possible. We can do that by feeding them properly, watering them well, resting and exercising them enough and so on AND making sure their nervous systems (that run the whole show) are clear of interference. That you do by getting your spine checked regularly by your chiropractor. It may not be weird or cutting edge anymore but it makes a difference…. A BIG one.

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